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We are just a block off Liberty Street in Downtown Morris!

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Access to Stored Goods:

Business Hours: Monday through Friday, 7 am to 5 pm

On Request (Saturday/Sunday): 1 day(s) notice required

Holidays on Request:5 days notice required

Period of Storage: Monthly

Security: Lighted lot, security cameras and fenced-in area with the local police headquarters a few blocks away.

Keep Your Possessions Safe - Keep them at Morris Downtown Storage

During the winter months, store your vintage vehicle, convertible, and/or RV safely with us.
In particular, Morris Cruise Night participants can safely store their beautifully restored cars at our convenient Downtown Morris location, just a block away from Liberty Street.
These two vehicles are each stored in a 9' x 20' unit safe from all the elements...and with room to spare!

Pricing and Availability

The Rental Rate is on a monthly basis. The First and Last month's rent are collected upon acceptance of storage unit as well as a $50 security deposit. 

The Rental Fee For a 9' x 20'  Storage Unit is $85 Per Month.

Total 9' x 20' Units

12 units

Availability of 9' x 20' Units

AVAILABLE units for rent - 0  

The Rate for a 10' x 16' Storage Unit is $80 Per Month. 

Total 10' x 16' Units

8 units

Availability of 10' x 16' Units

AVAILABLE units for rent - 0 

The Rate for the Large Units is $200 Per Month.

Total  Large Units

2 units

Availability of Large Units

AVAILABLE units for rent - 0 

Extras and Fees

Vandal Resistant Padlocks

Available for $40. This includes two keys.  If you prefer, feel free to use your own padlock.

Security Deposit

$50 Paid upon acceptance of storage unit

Clean up Fee

$50 for unclean vacant storage unit

Payment past due Charge

$35 for 1 to 14 days late; 15 days or more, refer to the late payment sheet provided with the rental agreement.

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Morris Downtown Storage


Insurance is not required from Morris Downtown Storage but is available. Renter can arrange his/her own insurance coverage. For more information or questions regarding insurance coverage, contact Morris Downtown Storage at (815) 791-8369.

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Rules and Conditions

• All payments to be made in advance by the Space Renter.

• The Space Renter must not store hazardous, dangerous, illegal, stolen, perishable, environmentally harmful or explosive goods, firearms, or weapons, bio-hazardous items, or drugs.

• Any type of fuel tank, oxygen tank or similar container must be empty.

• Fuel tanks of lawn mowers, motorized equipment of any kind must be stored empty.

• Goods are stored at Space Renters sole risk.

• The Space Owner is not liable for the loss of any goods stored on its premises.

• This space will only be accessible during set access hours as declared by the Space Owner.

• No living creatures or organism or any dead animal(s) or carcass.

• No lawn debris.

• No selling or making sales from unit.

• No painting, sanding or cutting torches or work within unit.

• No construction debris, tires, oil, or batteries.

• No use of any electrical equipment in the storage unit.

• No tampering with electrical equipment in the storage unit.

• Space renter is encouraged to elevate stored goods off the floor to prevent any damage due to condensation. These are not climate controlled units.

• Keep pets in vehicles at ALL TIMES while on premises.

• All moving vehicles and trailers must be off the premises at the closing time of each day.

• A description of goods stored must be submitted per rental agreement.

• Payment past due charges will be applied.  Clean up fees, if applicable, will also be applied.

All space renters must know and agree to all the above conditions prior to rental.  Signed acknowledgement is required on each rental agreement.

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Storage Tips

Packing your treasures can be less of a chore with these helpful hints:

• Get plenty of boxes. Box as much as possible to protect your items from getting dirty and/or dusty.

• Use uniform size boxes.  They are easier to stack if the boxes are all the same size.  Naturally, keep the heavier boxes on the bottom with the light ones on top.

• Don't worry if you don't have uniform size boxes. Use smaller cardboard boxes for heavier items such as books and save the larger boxes for lighter items such as bedding.  Keep in mind that the lighter items may collapse under the weight of a heavier box.

• Store "full" boxes.  Half-filled boxes may collapse if anything is put on top of them.  Use bubble wrap, packing peanuts, padding and/or crumpled newspapers in and around your items to fill your box.

• Check out clothing retail stores for FREE cardboard boxes. If you need them, ask for hangers. 

• Seal all boxes with masking or duct tape.  Mark boxes with a permanent marker for easy identification.

• Be careful not to "over stack"  in order to prevent boxes to topple over and fall.

• Create aisles or walkways between your things so you can access items easily.

• Make a "map" of your stored items -- where and what you placed in which box.

• Keep items you plan to use often, such as holiday decorations, close to the front for easy access.

• Storage units are not temperature controlled.  Take measures to prevent mold and mildew caused by humidity.  Furniture may warp due to humidity so take precaution.

• Leave a space between your items and the unit wall; this will allow the air to circulate within the storage area. Also to prevent condensation damage, layer plastic sheeting on the floor and stack boxes atop pallets.

• Stand sofas and mattresses on end to save space.  Place mattress on the long end and raise above floor level, possibly with a pallet, or put the mattress on a sheeting for added protection.

• When storing a clean, empty refrigerator, leave the door open slightly.  Having the door ajar will prevent mold from growing inside the frig.

• All appliances should be clean and dry. Drain washing machines and tie down hoses before placing the in the storage unit. Bicarbonate of soda, most commonly known as baking soda, is an excellent natural cleaner.

• When storing ANY motorized equipment, gas tanks should be filled no more than 1/8 of a tank.

• To prevent dust, use fabrics such as old linens (i.e.: bed sheets and blankets) to protect your items such as upholstered furniture such as sofas.  Stay away from using plastic coverings which may cause condensation.

• Any type of fuel can/container MUST be empty.  NO flammable materials should be stored within the unit.

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